Wednesday, August 17, 2016

lg g5 phone

August 17, 2016
ads here 615 x 80 or 480 x 80

Really, beauty in the palm of your hand
With the LG G5 is an all-metal smartphone, the metal and glass smoothly float together uninterrupted, without an antenna slit.
It's allows users to drop the battery out and load a new one, or you can use it to attach the likes of additional camera hardware, with the "modular expansion system" by LG

The screen is a 5.3ins QHD display and offers a pixel density of 544ppi and a resolution of 2560x1440. (note, It's slightly smaller than the LG G4's screen, which measured 5.5ins)

Get the whole picture!
With Wide Angle Lens you can get the whole picture! Our eyes can take in a lot, but this camera grabs even more at 135°. Capture a sprawling skyline, a packed stadium concert, or the entire beach.

Go Extreme!
Magnifying Zoom In and Out, gives you Zoom out ultra wide (0.5X) for the first time ever on a smartphone. Take a variety of photos and videos from a tight close-up to a vast scene by simply pinching the screen.

With the LG G5 Save your thumbs!
No more hitting the button to check the time, date, or notifications, the important stuff is already up and on! Just look.

Smartphone LG G5 runs a vertion Android™ 6.01 Marshmallow

Memory and Storage
200GB microSD card

The price
£500 SIM free

Picks from the critics
Classified by The week as one of the best smartphones devices in the British market for 2016

The Guardian reported within six best Android smartphone
"Modular design stands out, but overall package not quite up to scratch", says theguardian

"As good as the Galaxy S7 but in completely different ways" says pcadvisor

you can to enjoy color of the device, and in the G5's case you get a four choice: silver, titan (grey), pink and gold.

The LG G5 is likely to tempt people looking for something a bit different in smartphone.
ads here 615 x 80 or 480 x 80

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